It’s late in the afternoon and I’m sitting here on the sofa, laptop on my lap (lol), and one of my cats laying next to me, don’t know where the other is hiding as she can be temperamental sometimes and a little anti-social. I really don’t blame her as society nowadays is pretty messed up. Just read on the news that there was yet another mass shooting in Philadelphia on South St. I’ve been there a few times and can be a pretty crowded place at night. There are a lot of very cool things to see on South Street, all sorts of shops, food, clubs and the like. Most definitely a lot of weird people there too. LOL…

Comes this November there may be a major change in my life here in the Adirondacks. There may be an addition of two females to the club. When that time comes, I’ll let you all know what the situation is. Let’s just say for now I am pretty excited about the possibilities that it will present, it will be nice to have Gray here as there is a certain someone that will be attached to Gray too.

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